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about me


I am a registered Canadian art therapist, BC registered art therapist,  registered clinical counsellor and certified clinical hypnotherapist living in Vancouver, BC. I use art therapy, somatic therapy, nature therapy and guided visualization in helping people to connect with their emotions, creativities, insights and past experiences. I work part time at a NGO with families and youth, supporting parents and new immigrants. 


I coined the term hypno-art therapy since it reflects the tools I use in my practice. I take a holistic approach towards my clients because I believe a healthy state of being is a balanced state of being between different aspects of a person's life. I am strong believe in empowering my clients by following their pace and respecting their truth. 


I have experience working with children, adults and older adults with individual needs and challenges such as ASD, developmental delays, expressing and managing emotions, abuse, addiction, coping with stress and anxiety, grief and loss, death and dying, etc. 


我是一名加拿大注册,BC省注册的艺术治疗师, 注册临床心理咨询师,和临床催眠师。我有超过2000小时的被督导的临床心理辅导经验。目前我接受新的个案,并且在温哥华的一个非盈利机构担任家庭和青少年辅导员。在我的心理治疗中,我运用艺术治疗,身体疗法,大自然疗法和放松催眠引导帮助个案抒发情绪,发挥创意,重新为过往或现在的经历定位和定义。





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