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Art therapy and Counselling work for children, adults, and older adults. It is a holistic therapeutic approach that empowers individuals to find inner strength and wisdom. Creative process and cognitive process that dive into the consciousness are involved to deepen self-understanding and acceptance. Service fee is based on $150/hour.

I follow your pace and respect your truth as I work from a person centred approach. 

If you are struggling with difficult emotions and experiences either in the past or present, please make an appointment for the free 15 minutes consultation.


I am fluent in English, Mandarin and Cantonese. 


艺术治疗和心理辅导对于儿童,成人和老年人都适用。它着重于发现和强化来访者/个案的个人内心力量和智慧,是一个以人为本,让身心灵都受到照顾的心理治疗取向。通过对情绪和认知的了解,自我接纳,和心理知识的学习,来访者可以发展更健康的应对方法,舒缓情绪,调整认知,增加解决问题的能力。我会跟随来访者的速度和脚步,尊重每个人的过程是独一无二的。 收費每小時$150加元。





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