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Hypnotherapy is used in combination with talking therapy by many therapists. One of the many reasons is that hypnotherapy is a great way to help clients to relax. Relaxation alone can help many to cope with stress and anxiety. To be able to relax physcially and focus mentally at the same time during the state of hypnosis allows individuals to enter an alternative consciousness where the often suppressed emotions and experiences can be visited.


When the conscious mind is temporarily turned off, things come to the surface naturally and can be looked at more carefully. That is when real work begins. Many difficult issues can be explored in a safe structure which is created by the client and guided by the therapist. Sessions may start with relaxation, and goes into self exploration and further into goal/problem oriented approach.


Interactions with the experiences during hypnosis empowers individuals with insights, new perspectives and meanings. This process will have lasting effect on the individual after coming out of the state of hypnosis. 











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