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What is Hypno-art therapy?


Hypno-art therapy is the use of hypnotherapy and art therapy together with either individual clients or groups. I came up with the term by combining the two since they are the two tools I use in my therapeutic practice.


What does a session look like?


In a session, client can become centered with the body and mind using relaxation hypnosis just by sitting or lying down comfortably and focusing on the therapist's voice.


This process relaxes the body and clears the mind which allows difficult emotions and experiences to come up to the surface of the mind.  Therapist provides a safe space for the client to explore inside his/her own mind through the opening of different senses, revisiting places in the past or creating new healing experiences. Client has the control over the experience by deciding how much and how deep he/she would like to explore by simply telling the therapist how to guide.


After coming back from the state of hypnosis, the experiences can be transformed into artistic expressions or talked further with the therapist. Art making grounds clients by allowing them to engage in a tangible process. Clients can choose to spend more time with their art work after the session and look further into the process since art works are reflections of their experiences. 


How does hypno-art therapy work?


Difficult experiences are like closed doors which are suppressed and hidden by the conscious mind as a defense mechanism. We live everyday without being consciously aware of their existence, yet the unconscious world is constantly exerting influences over our behaviors and feelings. Challenges people are facing, such as emotional and behavior disorders, unhealhty patterns in relationships, low self esteem, physical and psychological distress, are often related to past experiences which need to be revisited and processed more mindfully. 


Hypnotherapy and art therapy are great tools to connect and communicate with the unconscious mind.

about hypno-art therapy










个案会在一开始经过治疗师声音的引导达到身体放松,精神专著的催眠状态。这个过程要求案主躺着或坐着,相信治疗师的陪伴,专心听她的引导。案主在整个过程中对于看到什么,走到多深的催眠状态都有决定和自主权。 在催眠状态中,很多感官打开,脑中的画面会重现一些过往的经验,或是创造全新的想像。通过探索,感受和创造新的互动和关系,案主往往可以重新去定义自己的体验让现在自己经历的问题得到新的视角和解答。









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